Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Party time!

Now that Natsumi and I are back from Okinawa, we decided to throw a party at my apartment to get to know some of the other people in town. Some other English teachers came over, and Natsumi invited her sister and some of her friends too.

Natsumi and her posse were just amazing. They came over to my apartment early armed with an arsenal of food and drink. They made 'norimaki' which is rolled sushi. It's made by wrapping various kinds of sushi and rice in dried seaweed. They also made desserts, salads, and even a crepe-fruit-cake creation.

We managed to have a great time. The neighbors didn't complain, and my place didn't get trashed. We also had some intersting scenarios play out. My girlfriend Natsumi invited a friend of hers from Shanghai (who now lives in Tokyo). So at one point, she was talking to him in Chinese (Mandarin), then she would relay info to me in English, others in Japanese, and I would be talking to my buddy Kerry in French. It was a crazy language mash-up at one point, but great fun all around.

*Pictured above clockwise from top-left: Abel (NZ), Joey (CAN), Natsumi (JPN), Kerry (NZ), Yuko (JPN), Harumi (JPN)

To see the pictures, click here.

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