Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Joe`s Beauties

Come on Senators! Wake the fvck up! My pre-season pick this year for winning the Stanley Cup was the Ottawa Senators. I love their young, explosive lineup, and I know they are capable of repeating last year`s regular season success. I think that the acquisition of Martin Gerber in net is good as well, as he was kind of overshadowed by the Cam Ward sensation in Carolina even though he had a great season last year.

I had so much confidence in the team that I selected Gerber as the starter for my fantasy hockey league team: Joe`s Beauties. The league I am in is a 12-team league, and we drafted players online via a `there and back again` order. Other notables on my team includes Ilya Kovalchuk, Joe Sakic, and Dion Phaneuf. I am sitting in 6th place out of 12 teams, but I am not actually in too bad of shape. If the damn Senators could get going and boost the numbers in my win column, I would be right up there.

I watched the back episodes of Coach`s Corner online last night. I always need a good dose of Don Cherry to get me fired up for the hockey season, and as arrogant as he is, he is usually right on the money. His rants about Phaneuf being overlooked for the Norris trophy last year, and how Kyle Wellwood should be up on a line with Sundin are good examples. I tried to explain the phenomenon of Don Cherry to Natsumi, but the image of an angry Canadian senior citizen yelling about `sweetheart` plays and the pros of fighting was lost on her. Regardless, Don is the man (hence my team`s Cherry-esque name, Joe`s Beauties), and I always get a kick out of seeing him on TV.

Come on Sens, 75 more games to go. No mercy for the weak! Sens! Sens! Sens!

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