Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A lucky chance

This weekend I got an extra special treat. My friend had a connection with some of the sound techs at the TOOL concert and was able to get us free tickets to the show. So, after school on Friday, me and 3 buddies headed south to Odaiba to the venue at Zepp Tokyo. When we got there, we got to enter the side door and walk straight in past all the lines. Out tickets were also good for the VIP area, so we got to watch the show from this little balcony above the stage. They were easily the best seats in the house. The show was absolutely amazing. I have been a TOOL fan for many years, but seeing them live was a real experience. Danny Carey is the best drummer I have ever seen live, and Maynard was so freaky. He spent the entire show out of the spotlight so we could never see him completely, but they way he was silhoutted against the video screens behind him and the freaky way he dances made it so great to watch.

After the show we went to thanks the sound guys. they asked us if we were coming back the second night. We said we didn't have tickets, so they put us on the list for the second night as well! So the next night we went all the way back to Odaiba and rocked out with TOOL all over again. What a good deal, as I think the tickets were about $90 Canadian each night anyway. TOOL rules!