Thursday, March 08, 2007


To see the pics from this trip, click here.

At the end of February, all of the people in my program who are leaving Japan in the summer were invited to a 3-day conference in Yokohama. Although the conference itself was useful, it was just as fun to be in Yokohama.

The funniest part of the trip was my hostel. A friend and I booked a room in a hostel for 2 nights, as hotels in Yokohama were crazily expensive. When we arrived at the hostel we had a good laugh. The room was a 3-tatami mat room, which is TINY! We could literally touch the walls at either end of the room at the same time. And there was 2 of us staying there! I`ve uploaded a short clip on Youtube about it which is hilarious. Click here for it.

Anyway, we were free to raom the Minato-Mirai area of Yokohama for 3 days. The harbour area is quite beautiful, and there is a large Chinatown there as well. On the last day, Natsumi came and joined me and we spent the day looking around Chinatown, exploring the harbout, and just hanging out.
That evening, we had a special treat. Natsumi gave me my be-lated Christmas present, which was a 3-hour reservation in the Sirius lounge at the tope of Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan. Landmark Tower is 72 stories high, and the view from the top is incredible. We could look back towards Tokyo and see Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku, and other Tokyo landmarks. She had reserved a "nomihoudai" or "all-you-can-drink" plan, which was a lifesaver, as drinks ran about 25$ canadian each.

We had a great time, and before long it was time to leave. But it was really nice and capped off a nice stay in Yokohama!

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