Monday, January 22, 2007


Hi all. All is well here in kasukabe. Trying to keep warm and dry, as we are in the middle of another Japanese winter. I really shouldn`t complain (what with Manitoba getting slammed with -40C days...maked 5C seem like summer) but it really is cold. One of the things that I am doing to try and keep occupied is to find a job for next year. On Friday night I had a telephone interview with a Canadian company that is hiring teachers for positions in Hong Kong. I did very well with the interview, and was asked if I could attend a second. The problem is that I may have to travel outside of Japan for it. Second interviews are being held in Hong Kong, Vancouver, and Toronto. So, when I get the call, I may have to go to Hong Kong. I would love to go to Vancouver and hang out for a while, but shelling out $1000 to travel for a 1-hour interview is a bit too much. Anyway, will keep you posted.

Natsumi is in Bali until Jan 30th. Luck girl is gonna come home with bronzed skin after a month of beaches and scuba, I`m green! On Saturday my good buddy Nori came up to Kasukabe from Yashio for a night. We got caught upon various things and then headed out for supper. After numerous plates of sushi and several bottles of red, we decided that Karaoke was a good idea. I hadn`t been toKaraoke for months and thought maybe I was sick of it, but we had a great time. After a late-night gyudon (beef and rice) feed, we headed back to mine and crashed. Sunday was spent feeling pretty sorry for myself because of my hangover, but it gave me a good chance top catch up on the NFL playoffs. Go Bears!

Hard to believe its almost the end of Januaryu already! Only 6 more months here in Japan. Then what? Hmm, time will tell I guess. Bye for now.

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